Wills & Probate in Paisley

At Kenneth Paterson Solicitors, we have extensive experience dealing with the practical issues arising out of It is difficult to predict the future but making a will can assist your loved ones in ensuring that dealing with your finances goes as smoothly as possible. In Scotland certain family members can have automatic rights to part of your assets that may be different to how you would wish to divide things. Making a will assists you in ensuring that your assets are divided as you would wish with the minimum of difficulty.


We frequently advise clients who are living with a partner but not married, divorced, or simply wish to ensure that their loved ones, step-children, or partners do not miss out when their assets are divided.


One of the most important issues for any parent may be who cares for and raises their children should they die unexpectedly. We have assisted parents with drawing up guardian documents their children are raised in accordance with their wishes are carried out and frequently find that this brings clarity particularly when children have multiple grandparents or potential next-of-kin.


One of the most stressful times in people's lives can be assisting a family member who becomes incapacitated by disability or illness or through their age, particularly as family and next-of-kin may have no automatic legal right to make decisions for their loved ones.


It is best to make arrangements before they are needed, and a Power of Attorney can help put a plan in place for later life to assist in dealing with a person's welfare, finances, or other important decisions such as where someone lives.


As experienced solicitors we are able to assist you in preparing Powers of Attorney in order to ensure that you if you need help or lose the ability to make decisions in the future, these decisions can then be made by someone that you trust and have chosen.  We are happy to advise and offer a fixed fee for this service.


Powers Of Attorney

If a person no longer has the capacity to make their own decisions and a Power of Attorney is not in place, a court order may be required to appoint a loved one to make ongoing decisions for them. As court solicitors we are able to represent you in court in these circumstances and obtain court orders to allow you to act for your loved ones when this is required.


Our Wills & Probate solicitors will do our best to make your occasion as easy and painless process as possible. Contact us today to find out more.

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Acting as Executor and dealing with someone's estate after death can be a stressful and sometimes complicated task. As solicitors we are able to assist with this process, register documents with the court where required and do all the paperwork if required.

Whether for Wills & Probate, Powers of Attorney, Guardianship or Executries we are happy to discuss fixed fees for work or flexible fee arrangements.


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