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Ensuring children are being treated correctly

Hearings are a method of making quick, short-term decisions that address emergencies or other high-risk situations. If measures need to be put in place rapidly to protect children, or address their behaviour, then a hearing can be arranged. This is done by the Sherrif granting a CPO (Child Protection Order).


Our children's hearing panel can help ensure that children are being treated justly by their parents, carers or social workers. We regularly assist with cases of child neglect and abuse, and also deal with child crime, antisocial behaviour and a range of other major issues.

In high risk situations, a Child Protection Order may be granted. In such cases the child must be moved to a place of safety away from home. In these cases it must be considered that the child is at risk of significant harm. Children's hearings can lead to the continuation of a CPO that has already been approved, alternatively the Hearing may conclude that the CPO should not be continued. Additionally, a greater number of CPOs are granted for very young children, as a result of their greater need for protection.


For further advice on Child Protection Orders or Sheriff Court hearings, we would strongly advise you to get in touch with us in Glasgow.


If a hearing does have concerns that a child is at significant risk, but cannot make a final decision, then they may make an Interim Compulsory Supervision Order. This will express conditions on where a child must live and will last for a short time before renewal is required.

What should you do in high risk situations?

•  Beyond parental control

•  At risk of moral danger

•  The victim of an offence (physical injury or sexual abuse)

•  Likely to suffer serious repercussions due to lack of care

•  Misusing drugs, alcohol or solvents

•  Convicted of a criminal offence

•  Failing to attend school regularly without a valid reason

•  The recipient of an antisocial behaviour order

Which circumstances dictate a children's hearing?

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