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Experienced divorce solicitors in Paisley

At Kenneth Paterson Solicitors, we have extensive experience dealing with the practical issues arising out of divorces and separations. At whatever stage you are in your separation, our divorce lawyers can offer realistic advice to help you understand the relevant areas of divorce and separation law. For caring and supportive help during this difficult time, please get in touch today.

•  Highly experienced in divorce and separation law

•  Representing men and women from all walks of life

•  Well equipped to deal with financially complex cases

•  Transparent, clear and honest advice

•  Understanding but practical

Why should you choose us?

Separations can be even more difficult if you have children who will be affected. In the long run, two happy parents separated are much better than two unhappy parents together, but we understand that it can be a tricky process to get this stage. Find out more about child law that puts your children's needs first now.

Are there children involved in the separation?

Did you know...?


•  You may stay in the family home even if your spouse owns it.

•  Divorce can include house and pension transfers.

•  Unmarried couples can make claims on separation.

•  Violent spouses can be excluded from home, work or school.

Our divorce solicitors can help make your divorce or separation as pain-free a process as possible.

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