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Do you need help understanding child custody?

Child custody could present a number of problems for you. It is commonplace for parents to disagree over a number of issues relating to parental responsibility. This is usually to do with where the child's primary place of residence should be, or how often the non-resident parent should see the child.

Our parent and child lawyers can help you with a number of complicated child contact issues. Based in Paisley, we are also able to represent you across most courts of Scotland. We are also happy to attend hearings on behalf of your children. For more information on child contact and child hearings, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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•  Residence orders - for issues relating to child residence

•  Contact orders - for issues relating to child contact

•  Specific issue orders - for other issues regarding parental responsibility

•  Court interdicts – we can raise court actions to stop the other parent acting in ways which cause you concern

You can often apply to the court for an order

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