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Expert advice on child law

It is important to fully consider the welfare of any children following a marriage breakdown. Making such decisions can be very distressing, and we will do everything we can to support you throughout the process. We deal on an almost daily basis with situations where we are required to stop or restrict contact taking place where it is no longer in a child's best interests. You can rely on us for child law advice that is both effective and compassionate.

Unfortunately we understand that there can be situations where a relationship has broken down and the parent with the child is withholding contact to the other parent simply out of malice. In these situations we are experienced in raising court action and urgently resolving the situation.

Are you unlawfully being denied contact?

We act for mothers, fathers, and have even successfully obtained court contact orders for grandparents. Whilst it is helpful to apply for contact with a child as quickly as possible, we have successfully assisted clients with obtaining child contact many years after the contact stopped. Get in touch with us in Paisley as soon as possible to ensure you have the best chance of succeeding.

Proactivity is essential

Call Kenneth Paterson Solicitors if you are involved in a distressing child law case.

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If your case is suitable for expert mediation and counselling we are able to assist with this as a direct alternative to court.


We can provide expert Family and Systemic Therapists to assist with your case and try to resolve issues with children and settle cases without the need to go to court. In addition to this we offer services by Family Mediators and Psychologists where appropriate.

Wish to keep your case out of court?