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We may be a specialist firm, but are members of one of the largest compensation and personal injury networks in Scotland with all the benefits that this brings including expert opinion and access to a full range of compensation services regardless of how difficult or complex your claim is.


As solicitors with around 20 years worth of experience in accident claims, we are able to assess your compensation claim, decide whether you are entitled to any damages, and pursue a court case on your behalf throughout Scotland.


If you have been involved in an accident that was not your fault, whether it is a Road Traffic Accident; an Accident at work; or simply Tripping and falling, we are able to assist you, advise you, and pursue a claim.


We are a small firm which would rather provide personal specialist assistance to our clients in the areas we focus in, rather than trying to do everything well. Our solicitors have years of experience in negotiating settlement in accident and compensation claims, raising court actions, and settling them successfully on behalf of clients.


We only act on behalf of victims of accidents, rather than insurance companies, and as such are focussed on achieving the best result for our clients.


As specialist court civil lawyers, we focus on representing people day in day out in Scotland's courts whether for Family or Compensation cases. We feel that this specialist knowledge coupled with solicitors who regularly argue cases in court results in the best advice to clients. Unlike other compensation agencies, as solicitors we handle our own cases and pursue them through courts. This means that your claim is dealt with by an experienced solicitor with a track record of pursuing cases through court, rather than a faceless claims handling company which may not even have any personnel who are legally qualified!


If an accident occurs anywhere in Scotland, then it is likely that we will be able to assist and take the case. Even if an accident occurs out with Scotland we are happy to see what assistance we can provide, or if required pass you on to lawyers out with Scotland.


Specialist, not small

Thousands of people are injured every year through someone else’s fault.


Whether you were involved in an accident as a driver, passenger, pedestrian, cyclist or travelling by public transport, we will investigate and assist you with a case for compensation.

Road Traffic Accidents

With the pavements in the state they are today, it is little wonder that we assist so many clients with compensation claims for tripping in holes in the road and pavement.


Whilst it can be necessary to prove that the pavement or road was in a poor state for some time, in our experience this is frequently the case resulting in successful claims and compensation.

Tripping Accidents

Accidents at work

Employers have special duties towards their employees indeed some times to any one else entering the work place.


We frequently consult and assist employees who have either had an accident at work, or who have suffered an injury due to poor work training or procedures.


Fatal Injuries

If an injury is fatal, we will assist relatives and loved ones in pursuing compensation.


Whilst living in a damp house may be unpleasant, in some cases this can lead to health complications for which a compensation claim can be made.


We advise clients in any aspect of compensation claims where the health of them or their family is damaged or placed at risk.

Medical Negligence

If a mistake occurs in a doctor's or dentists surgery, or in a hospital it can have serious consequences.


We are able to advise you or your family in relation to a compensation claim.


How do I make a claim?

Talk to us, we’re here to help. Don’t worry we offer a free consultation.


Our services include No Win No Fee accident claims; Legal Aid; and speculative no fault claims.


Our experienced solicitors will advise you of your rights, negotiate on your behalf with insurance companies, and assist you in raising court action where this is required.


Do I have to go to court?

We are frequently able to argue a case so that other party (or their insurance company) settle the case as an out of court settlement.


Regardless of whether a case is settled in court or out of it, we claim legal expenses from the opponent so that you are able to claim the maximum amount of your compensation.


Case Studies

Mr R.

Was involved in a tripping accident near his home. We were able to successfully raise a claim against his local authority and provide him with compensation. He kept 100% if his damages, with the local authority paying our legal fees in full.


Mr D.

Was a passenger in a car accident that was not his fault. Despite being only the passenger in the vehicle, we still successfully raised a claim against the other driver. The claim was settled by the other driver's insurance company. Mr D obtained his full compensation, with the insurance company paying our legal fees in full.


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